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First Home Buyers PLEASE READ...
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Raising & Sliding

If youíre thinking of raising and / or sliding your home on your current block of land, or are considering moving your house to a new location within Queensland; I am sorry, but I do not do raising, sliding or removal of homes.


However if you read on, the company below is a very reputable contractor in Brisbane, with many years of experience that would be most happy to help your out with a quote and reliable advice of what you need to know and do.



Phone 33901013 mobile 0408880099.


Rickís family were the first people ever in Brisbane to do house removal, raising, lowering, sliding and underpinning. 

For over 105 years now the Hoffie family have been in the trade giving expert advice and the highest quality workmanship second to none and a family that you can really trust...There has never been a single mistake made causing the loss of a home, they have kept a perfect success rate for the entire 105 years.

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Pre-Purchase Stump Inspections

Are you looking at buying your first home or an investment property? Do you know what or if any problems there are with any of the house stumps? Do you know what to look for or how much it is going to cost to repair the stumps? Do you know how much to negotiate with the real estate or seller on the purchase price?


Would you like to buy a home and pay top dollar for it and only find out that the stumps are in need of replacing? And it is going to cost you more money to get the home into a safe and liveable condition.


I would not like to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying a home, only to find out that I am going to be up for more money on repairs as well as the loan repayments!


For a small flat fee, I will inspect the house stumps for you before you pay a deposit, or sign a contract. I may just save you thousands of dollars.


This way, you will know what condition the house stumps are in and how much the repairs are going to cost. You can then make an educated decision as to whether you still wish to buy that property and how much it will cost you to do the repairs if you do buy the home.  This way you can negotiate with the real estate agent or seller on a reasonable purchase price before you sign any thing at all.


A few recent testimonials from happy clients:


On: 12 March 2012 8:36 AM


Thank you for the excellent report. The report and the conditions under which you produced the report are clear testament to your commitment to quality. As a novice property-buyer, the pictures and explanations of the long, long list of issues with the house are greatly appreciated.

We are terminating the contract this morning.

We really appreciate the effort you have put in. I have not purchased a property before, and of all the people who I assumed to have my best interests at heart (because I was paying them), you are the first person who has actually been on my side. You have saved Anne and I from a dead-set nightmare.


Evan & Anne


On: 19 March 2012 1:02 PM

Hey thanks Glenn,
You have done a great job there for me sub-floor report and quote.

Thanks so much for your help to date youíre a legend you have saved me spending $950K, on a property that was only worth half the asking price. Youíre quote to repair the sub-floor foundations was comprehensive, not even the building inspector was as comprehensive in his report as you were thank you again you really are a credit to your profession.

Should any of my friends or I hear of any one for that matter looking to purchase a property, I will highly recommend you to them as your skills are truly out standing.

I am putting the wheels in motion today to get out of the contract, based on your good and thorough advice, so Iíll be taking you up on another inspection real soon!!

Thanks again Glenn,





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First Home Buyers PLEASE READ

They may have had a full garden make over, fresh coat of paint, a front or back deck or both...A nice paved driveway and side paths - all very nice I agree, for the work has been done for you...Nothing to spend in the yard.


But this is often nothing more than a cosmetic make over - a selling point to keep you from seeking out real problems for you think this house is well maintained but sadly itís sometimes nothing more than an aesthetic disguise to entice you to part with your money.


Everyone looks at the renovations inside the home; the gardens what a great view from the deck, but no one gives a thought to the condition of house stumps - sad but true - out of sight out of mind until it is too late!


Ask yourself are you looking to buy a home to live in, or a cosmetic make over?  It's your money - decide wisely.

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What You Should Know

(1)   DO contact a house re-stumper and obtain some quotes to replace the old rotted wood or cracked concrete stumps or rusted steel columns

(2)   DO Ask the person quoting your home how many genuine years experience do they have in the trade?  How long have they been self employed?  Where did they learn their trade and from who?

(3)   DO they carry contract works and public liability insurance & with whom? And for how much are they covered up to?  What does it cover and what does it not cover?  If they use sub-contractors - are they covered under his policy to be on the property to carry out any work?

(4)   Does the contractor have a BSA license and does that license cover the scope of work for the contract?  If not, does the contractor employ an on-site licensed project manager with a current BSA license?  Ask to see the said license.

(5)   Ask the contractor what the quote does and does not cover and what you are getting for your money, because price does matter as the more you want, the more you will have to pay.

(6)   Remember;  There is a big difference between a BSA license and a person that only has an A.B.N. (Australian business number) or an A.C.N. (Australian company number).

(7)   Can the contractor supply written references from passed clients?  Can you contact the clients to ask about their work and if they were happy and got value for money?

(8)   If the contractor is self-employed, does he carry an income protection policy for himself in case he is hurt on site?  Does he pay work-cover for his employees in case one or more are hurt on site?

(9)   Can the contractor provide the policy numbers and are the policy numbers stated on the quotations? 

(10)   It is your responsibility to know this, ask the questions and to know if the people on your property are employees or sub contractors, as it is your home ownerís public liability insurance policy that will be in question if a person is hurt on your property and the employer is not covered for this.

(11)   You must ask also, is the person doing the work on your home the person who came out to quote? Or does this person only come to quote and leave the responsibility of the job to his workers?  Or does he only quote on your work and then get in sub-contractors to do it?  If the person who does the quote is not the person doing the work, I would be in doubt and be asking questions as to why the contractor is not the person on site doing the work.  



(14)   Does the contractor replace the battens or palings between your new stumps once the job is done?  Or replace rotten or broken timber rails, battens or palings?

All the questions above you must ask. It is all too common that in fact, the contract you accepted does not include replacement of battens or palings or rotted timber.  In most cases the rubbish is left on site and not removed and the holes in the concrete where the new stumps went in are not patched up and left as is.

So, in fact the contract price that you accepted was only a price to replace some stumps and not a full job and if you wanted the rubbish removed off the property, the rotted or broken timber rails, battens or palings put back up or the holes in the concrete patched up where the new stumps went in you would be charged extra on top of the quoted price, as many re-stumpers only cost out or quote to do stumps and stumps only!

Many clients I have done work for, have told me that they were told that they were responsible for the removal of all rubbish or to get a 'mini skip' in...They were advised they had to seek out a carpenter to replace battens and palings and a handy man to patch up any concrete.

When I quote a job, it is for a complete job from start to finish with no hidden costs what so ever;  The quoted price that I supply to you, is for the total amount for the job, unless you request extra work to be done then in this case I do another quote so you know up front, what the extra work will cost.

When I quote your job;  I spend the time with you and have a good look around so nothing is missedI take the time to answer your questions and explain everything to you.  If I notice that new timber is required to replace rotted or broken timber rails, battens or palings, I will point this out to you so you are aware of it and which IS then factored in to the cost of your job.  I patch the concrete, I clean up the job site, remove all rubbish from your property when the job is finished - leaving your property as clean and tidy as possible.


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What You Should & Should Not Do

Scenario:  You have just purchased your first home or sold your home and moved into another and decide to renovate the toilet, bathroom and kitchen...You also want to put on a back deck as well, for more outdoor living - What should you do?


(1)   DO NOT renovate inside before you re-level downstairs; for downstairs governs all above and inside   your home.

(2)   DO NOT tile, paint, or wall paper inside your home before you re-level, or add on any patios or decks.


(3)   DO NOT install air conditioners.


(4)   DO NOT put in gardens or new turf.


(5)   DO NOT paint the house.





If you do all or any of the above, it will only come undone when you have the home restumped or re-levelled, which will be a waste of money and have to be done again, so do not renovate first - NOT EVER!

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Our History

I have been working in the house restumping industry now for over twenty-four years.  I started working in the family business with my father, DON PALFRAMAN, trading as Restumping Specialists Don Palframan, which is how my father taught me the finer skills and workmanship in restumping.  The Palframan name has been associated and well respected in this industry, for over 48 years. The work I receive is mostly based on word of mouth and recommendations from past and current clientele, who have been satisfied with the professionalism and attention to detail, all of which we pride ourselves on.

We were the first company to introduce under house excavations, prefabricated steel beams (RSJ) and steel columns.  As my father has now retired, I continue to follow in my fatherís footsteps and carry on the family name and tradition in the house restumping industry. This is how the name Glenn Palframan House Restumping evolved. I will continue to offer quality workmanship, professionalism and attention to detail just as my father did for over 48 years.

I look forward to being of service to you  ~Glenn Palframan.

Onsite project manager, Don Palframan: B.S.A. License Number: 68857


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